Meridian Hill Park - Washington D.C.

I visited Washington D.C. recently for the marriage of my niece and her partner (Jennifer Caltrider Perkins & Bobbie Jo Ross). I visited the Park early in order to be certain I knew the length of time I needed to plan for the drive as well as figure out the parking situation.
Meridian_Park_041.jpg Meridian_Park_042.jpg
Meridian_Park_043.jpg Meridian_Park_044.jpg
Meridian_Park_045.jpg Meridian_Park_046.jpg
Meridian_Park_047.jpg Meridian_Park_048.jpg
Meridian_Park_049.jpg Meridian_Park_050.jpg
Meridian_Park_051.jpg Meridian_Park_052.jpg
Meridian_Park_053.jpg Meridian_Park_054.jpg
Meridian_Park_055.jpg Meridian_Park_056.jpg
Meridian_Park_057.jpg Meridian_Park_058.jpg
Meridian_Park_059.jpg Meridian_Park_060.jpg
Meridian_Park_061.jpg Meridian_Park_062.jpg
Meridian_Park_063.jpg Meridian_Park_064.jpg
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Meridian_Park_067.jpg Meridian_Park_068.jpg
Meridian_Park_069.jpg Meridian_Park_070.jpg
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